Jonah – The right man for the job

For the past 3 weeks in church, we've been talking about Jonah, and if you've ever been within 200 yards of a bible teaching church (or within 1,000 yards of a rowdy group of VBS kids) you know the story.  God wants Jonah to go to Ninevah, Jonah is afraid/against the idea so much so
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The BEST Dairy Free Creamer

Have you ever tried searching for a recipe or product by typing "best _______" in Google?  And have you ever been super disappointed to find out that said recipe was, in fact, not the best?  Yeah.  Same.  So, I have literally said outloud on multiple occasions "I hate when people tag their recipe or review

Write what’s on your heart | Blogging in today’s world

I've had it on my heart to write for awhile now, and what I most enjoy writing about is whatever is on my heart, specifically in that moment.  I've attempted to write about whatever is blowing around in the wind on a given day, maybe a popular trend or an information piece, but I've found that

50 Creative and Unique Date Ideas | Valentine’s Day

In today's chaotic world, it can be hard to find time to Date Your Spouse, but it's oh so very important.  With children, activities, church, work and your general everyday hustle and bustle, who has the time or energy to go on a date?  Let alone the money!  All of the ideas below are either free or cheap so what
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Overcoming unhealthy mentalities

Paradigm Change Over the past few years, I've come to the conclusion (slowly) that when it comes to my diet choices I change my mind like my 7 year old daughter changes outfits. I can be swayed as easily as a boat in a hurricane from a simple Netflix documentary, a convincing Pinterest graphic or
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Is It Possible to Live Humble and Dream Big?

A conflict of interest it would seem, to live a humble life yet have big dreams/goals. From a biblical standpoint, we are to be humble servants, emulating Christ and being very modest about our own esteem.  From a worldly standpoint, we should be proud of our accomplishments, after all we did it, right?  So how

Healthy & Refreshing Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Healthy & Refreshing Chicken Salad Sandwich Ideal for Healthy Eating, and Blood Type A Diets Anyone who knows me - or anyone who has even crossed my path in the last several years - might be inclined to call me a Yo-yo dieter.  I'm not sure I'd go that far in my non-existent autobiography, however I have been known

What is a Skoolie?

  Every second and fourth Saturday of the month will be reserved for Skoolie updates, so stay tuned! So, you wanna know what this new “trendy” word is you’ve been hearing lately is?  A quick Google search returns that a Skoolie is basically a School bus that has been converted into an RV (recreational vehicle). And while