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How to get Resources to Start a Business

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Ahh… The feeling of scarcity/lack… A lot of people get hung up here, especially in the beginning because maybe you’re starting out with next to nothing (in your eyes).  You don’t have two nickels to rub together (finances), you don’t really know anyone (connections), you aren’t sure which tools/apps/programs to utilize and how (we’ll discuss this one more in depth later, but I encourage you to check out my Facebook group where I am creating Guides – one of which is a free resource guide! When you sign up for my Newsletter below, I’ll automatically send you the link to join!), and you just feel overwhelmed and underprepared – sound familiar?  Well, the good news is that Resourcefulness is the Ultimate Resource.  We can all find Resourcefulness within us.  

Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick, clever, creative and effective ways to solve problems and achieve goals.  It involves using what you do have rather than what you’d like to have/think you need.  Your knowledge, skill, life experiences, ingenuity and the ability to make the most of what is available to you to overcome obstacles.  It requires thinking outside of the box, adapting to changing and uncertain circumstances and finding innovative solutions to complex problems.  Resourceful people leverage their strengths and assets, as well as those of others to charge through whatever needs to be tackled next.  

The good news, like I said, is that we can all find or create Resourcefulness within ourselves.  It can be developed through practice and experience.  Cultivate within yourself a mindset of constant, lifelong growth, vowing to never stop learning and feeding your mind.  Remember, things that don’t grow are dead!  You’re either growing or dieing.  Being flexible is a great way to build your resourcefulness, because often we will find that Plan A wasn’t always the best plan, and sometimes it requires switching gears to plan B, or even coming up with a plan C.  You must be open to the possibility that you’ll need to try new things to get what you want, and not only be OK with that, but welcome it gladly.  Closed doors lead to better open ones.

At the end of the day you must decide to take responsibility for your life and the outcomes that result from the choices you make.  Taking responsibility means taking charge and actively seeking out the resources that you need to achieve those goals.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, involve others, learn from others and take calculated risks to pursue the life you want.

After you determine your goals, it’s important to make a list of resources that could help you in achieving them.  This could include people, technology, tools, websites, apps, literature, classes, funding or any other resources you feel would be an asset towards achieving the outcome you desire.  Do a little digging here, determine if they’re available to you already or if you can easily acquire them and how.  You can ask mentors/others in your niche, research online, ask for recommendations on social media, hire help or even get a coach to help you sort things out.

Consider cost, availability, quality and effectiveness of the resources you’re considering using.  Taking out a loan with an extremely high APR just because you’re desperate for funding early on might not be the wisest decision, both business wise and personally.  If you decide to sign up for a class or take a course that feels relevant to your pursuit, do a little digging first.  Check the reviews, ask questions, consume some of their free content first to get a feel for their overall teaching style and value. Perhaps you need a big team to make your dream happen, but you barely know anyone at the current moment.  These things take time, and it’s better to wait for people who are truly invested in your dream too, rather than just hiring random joes because you need bodies, you want people on your team who are all in.   

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