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Following your Dreams when no one Believes in You

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From a very young age, we are “socially aware”.  We act, react & respond to those around us.  We feed off of their energy, the words they say and the way they say them, body language, actions & so much more.  Even a young toddler can recognize laughter in response to a silly thing they did, a scolding when a rule has been broken or encouragement for doing the right thing.

As we grow, we begin to get self conscious about these things.  We can say that we don’t care what other people think until we’re blue in the face, but the fact remains that all of us, to some degree, do.

So, what happens when those around you are scoffing at your plans?  What kind of reaction do you have when those closest to you tell you your dreams may not work out, and you “should accept that”?  How does it make you feel when someone you love, admire and respect tells you that your vision might be a little over the top and you shouldn’t “get your heart set on the outcome”?

It hurts, that’s it in a nutshell.

But, friends, one of the very first things I learned when working on my mindset, improving my mood & squashing depression’s hold on me was that we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it.  Being proactive instead of reactive changes the game.  It can inadvertently change people’s response around you, sure – but that’s not the goal, and that’s also not likely – so, remove that from your todo list today, and you’ll sleep better tonight, promise.

When we set our minds on a goal, we have to be so stinking steadfast and focused on it that we do not swerve to the left or right.  It reminds me of learning to drive, my dad would constantly remind me to keep my eyes far ahead, on the car in front of me or something off in the distance.  It keeps you in line and steady.  Goals are like that.  Now, I’m not saying to get tunnel vision, and not allow for diversions, road bumps & most definitely enjoying the journey along the way – because life is a journey.  Once we reach that goal – and we will if we continue to press ahead and use the right methods, systems & consistency – the horizon will shift.  That goal will change, once realized, and you’ll be chasing after another.  So, we can’t constantly look at the horizon and wish it were closer – it moves with us.  

We have to go into this – whatever this is for you – with the knowledge that naysayers will come, and they will neigh (get it, neigh? Nay – naysayers? ;))  We have to be so committed to what we’re doing that it goes in one ear and out the other.  We have to be so busy with those we are serving and the lives we are changing that we don’t have time to worry about what they say.  We need to be so invested in the betterment of our minds, our leadership & our skill set that instead of asking “why doesn’t she believe in me?” we are 100% sold on belief in ourselves (and, of course, Jesus).  Aaaand, speaking of that… When the storms come – and they will – we have to be so firmly planted on the solid rock that We. Will. Not. Be. Shaken.

What is one of your big dreams, I’d love if you’d share it with me, and also tell me what’s holding you back if you haven’t went for it yet?

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