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My Story

“Our greatest story is our Comeback” – Tony Robbins

For a long time, I sort of marinated in this feeling of unworthiness.  On the surface, I felt like I had all of this knowledge, these skills, talents and abilities – things I’d picked up over the years just doing life and also working on personal development.  I had passion and drive, but found my motivation lacking and I’d have these cycles of completely doubting myself.  I’d find myself knee-deep in a project or already very much down my chosen path, only to question if I was actually supposed to be even be there.  Absolutely a case of Imposter Syndrome rooted in perfectionism.

I have this habit of looking at Chapter 23 in other’s stories, and comparing it to my chapter 4.  And, let me tell you, that is so damaging and one of the biggest dream killers that there is.  “I should be further along!” “Maybe I should be doing what she’s doing instead!” etc… Also, for as long as I can remember, I’ve worried about what others would think.  Not so much that it prevented me from sharing my views, opinions and beliefs, but moreso to a point where I was terrified to truly put myself out there.  To tell the world what I was doing, why I was doing it and why they should care.  But after recently attending a UPW (Tony Robbins) event, I was able to bring up and truly feel the pain (I’m talking mental and physical) of not pursuing my calling.  It was a terrible feeling, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.  At that moment something inside of me broke down and snapped, and I had an Epiphany of sorts. 

My literal future, and not only that… the future and lives of my children, my marriage, the lives of moms and babies who would be saved through this future ministry that I felt called towards and had vivid visions of, and even one life that could be touched or changed as a result of my bravery and stepping out in faith and doing this.  I’m going to let “what others might think” stop all of that?  I saw them both on a scale, so clearly.  I felt the pain and regret of not taking these big, scary steps that I knew would give me momentum towards these goals.  I saw both sides, and the stark difference between the outcomes.  And, it changed everything.

And so I decided to just go all in.  There are two pains in life, the discomfort of doing something new and scary (which is 100% necessary, normal and actually indicates that you’re probably on the right path) or the pain of regret.  And the latter is just too great of a price to pay.

I realized that my purpose and mission all along had been ultimately to help mothers and women who were where I was, or maybe even just a few steps behind me.  To link arms with them, or hold their hand and help them navigate through whatever season they find themselves currently in.  I know that God allows every single thing in our lives for a reason.  Everything has purpose.  We are being refined.  Life is not happening to us, it’s happening for us.  All of the pain from our past, the mistakes we made and lessons we learned and there for a reason.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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About Me

I am a born again Christian. Mom of 5, wife to an amazing hard-working man, natural-living enthusiast, blogger, life coach, and aspiring author. I have a huge vision for a Tiny Home Prolife ministry that the Lord has laid on my heart in bits and pieces over the past decade. I take the bible literally and go to God first in all things.

My aim in creating this website, way back in 2015 (off and on over various platforms and hosts) was to give moms and safe place to land and figure out “how to Mom”. That’s my tagline, and as cheesy as it sounds, that’s truly what I aim to do. Being a mom is hard enough, throw in today’s world, so many choices, toxins in our air & food, income worries & other dilemmas that pull us away from our calling – and it’s a recipe for overwhelm. I am here to help you simplify that, and find your peace in your home (or while traveling, if that’s your cup of tea)

For the past decade or so, I’ve been seeking answers to common questions that all moms ask. What do I feed these people?! What health decisions are right for my family? How can I stay home with my babies yet contribute to the income? How can we increase that income so that we can design a life we love and still have time for the most important people and things in that life? Should I homeschool? If so, HOW?! And so many more…

With children ranging from 19 to newborn I have a broad scope of the many seasons of parenting. I’m no expert, don’t get me wrong, but I have “been there, done that” a few times, and can offer a hand, a shoulder or even an ear. I’m here for you, and I want you to know that I truly mean it. My ultimate goal here is to glorify God and chase our big scary dreams of creating a Tiny Home Prolife Ministry where moms can come find refuge from the chaos of the world and clear up the chaos in their minds. You can read more about that over at my Ministry page, and if you’d like to be a part of that please contact me!

I work with moms to get their mind, their homes and their lives in order, through a range of services from 1 on 1 coaching (via Zoom or Phone) to the Courses and Books I have available (Coming Soon). If you’re interested in working with me, click here and let’s chat!

Why Coaching?

Ya know, there are a lot of coaches out there. Varying specialties, so many different flavors to choose from. But one thing I found, in searching for my own Life Coach was that everyone isn’t for everyone. Thank you Captain Obvious, right? But seriously. There were a few things that I noticed about a majority of the coaches that I found that did not sit right with me. I truly believe that we can glean from everyone we meet, every encounter has a purpose, so I respect and value all of my interactions even with those who didn’t quite sit right with me and I decided not to pursue a coaching relationship with. That said, I believe that it’s important to share important values and belief systems with someone you’re working with. As a Christian, in the coaching space, I noticed that many life coaches were pulling in New Age practices such as Yoga, unbiblical Meditation (the bible does encourage meditation, but not the kind that these coaches were promoting!!), “Manifestation” and other “sketchy woo woo” practices that made me feel icky and outside of the will of God. Sure, you can eat the meat and leave the bones, but did I really want to be supporting things that so clearly went against what I stood for?

I realized that I’d been building up quite a plethora of information, techniques and frankly just life experiences and I truly wanted to be able to help people – it ties so perfectly into my Ministry vision as well, so it just makes sense. I also realized that I’d already been coaching. I found people naturally would come to me and ask for advice, telling me that they really felt comforted or more clarity after our conversations. This was a long time coming and truly a natural progression in the grand scheme of things.

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