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    Why I’m no longer Vegan

    First off, I want to open with a great big I HATE LABELS.  I honestly do.  Labels make everything more difficult, keep us in a box and put so much unnecessary pressure on us.  No, this isn’t why I’m no longer Vegan, but I never liked the title to be honest.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it.  We should probably start from the beginning. What the Health? I don’t like wasting my time, so I don’t really watch TV or movies often.  However, one evening last August, I was bored (imagine that) and found myself with some free time, so I turned on Netflix to…

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    Influential People

    We are impacted by everyone we meet and every experience we have, in one way or another.  Sometimes we can be influenced by those we have never met, but have read about or know of.  Those influences can be either good, bad, or neutral.  Usually, those who make the biggest impact on our lives will be remembered for always.  I chose the people on this list because they have made an impact on my life in one way or another.  I honestly don’t think of myself as a very easily influenced person, but I wanted to do this challenge, so I’m just going to go with what pops in my…

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    5 Passions

      Fittingly enough, after just posting about Passion Monday, my blog challenge for the day is on 5 passions!  Passion describes an intense, and “barely controllable” emotion.  When we are passionate about something, we are obsessed with it and put our all into it.  Passion is aggressive, strong, and full of feeling. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/passion

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    The Hardest Thing

      It’s hard to pinpoint the hardest thing that I’ve ever experienced.  Having been a young mom in a unhealthy relationship at the time, that would probably be near the top of my list, except for the fact that I had the immense support of my mother and father to help me.  Although I was originally super apprehensive about them finding out about my pregnancy, they were very loving and supportive.  I thank God every day that my parents were pro-life and never even suggested abortion, although that would have been the “easy way out” at the time.         I think back to a friend I had, the same age as me,…

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    5 Things that Make Me Happy

    Happiness.  Feeling pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.  A state of well-being and contentment.  How many people today can say that they are truly happy?  I don’t mean the kind of happy that you feel on those days when you wake up and manage to not stub your toe while heading to Wawa to find out that they have your favorite pumpkin spice coffee when you arrive, your work day goes smooth and quick, & before you know if you’re home and the kids already have their homework finished and your husband decides to take you out to dinner and give you the night off.  No, not that kind.  That’s superficial happiness. …

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    3 Fears

            Fear is a funny thing.  I never understood the popular TV series, Fear Factor, although I occasionally watched out of morbid curiosity.  Some of the challenges, seemed more like “let’s be as disgusting as possible to get TV ratings and cause mass vomiting” rather than “man up and face your fears to win $$$”. Drinking puree’d caterpillars or laying in a bed full of worms wouldn’t exactly scare me, but it would give me the heebie jeebies and I’d probably opt out before the first challenge had even begun.         Anyway, I think we all have our own idea what constitutes as fear, and our own validations…