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Pro-Life Tiny Home Ministry Vision

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So this has been something on my heart in one shape or another for the past decade just about.  I’ve always been prolife, and I’ve had this dream/vision of building a bus into an RV to travel the US , and also often of having a homestead/“living off the land”. At first those two ideas seem contrary to one another, and after much internal conflict I realized they are not.  My “two” visions, which presently have united into one, enhance one another, they involve one another and like any good marriage they embrace one another.  But, it wasn’t until this ministry idea entered my head a few years ago at the March for Life (I think it was the first time it came to me, although I’ve also come across a similarly minded ministry – Life Village – which has a bit of the same vision as mine, with some key differences*which I will notate along the way, in describing the vision of this Ministry below ) that it all made sense.  

The bus, while not our permanent home, would be our home on wheels.  It would afford us the ability to travel the US, seeking out the land in which we will build our ministry, our home – our landing pad, on, and also the ability to travel and speak about this ministry.  To spread the word and to gather support.  Yes, we would absolutely need financial assistance, but also prayers and encouragement, referrals and contacts, PR and hands for the plow, all of the above and more.  God would make a way if His hand were upon it.  Flourish, it surely would, if it were His will behind it. 

The homestead would serve many a purpose, although the main and central one would be to be a haven for the expectant mother and her pre-born child.  

Imagine, if you will, several acres of land, not void of beautiful rolling hills and, if I can request, a small lake would be lovely.  At the top of the northernmost hill (a humble hill, with a gentle curve – one that you would slowly roll down, not tumble and fall.  Think, little house on the prairie intro vibes) our home would sit.  This would be a perpetual Work In Progress and I wouldn’t expect a fancy pad by any means.  Overlooking the expanse below, the large farm-house-style kitchen window, facing north.  The sunrise from the east casting early morning shadows on the  buildings below, all of them built with love and our own hands, for the purpose of glorifying God and saving not only lives – but souls for His eternal kingdom.

 Below, you’d find an array of buildings, most plentiful being the rows of Tiny Houses which weave along a pathway that could potentially go on for some time, depending on expansion and what not.  Each home will be custom designed to create a real home feeling, but on a small scale.  These homes are starter homes, but you wouldn’t know it from entering one.  Starting with a tiny wrap-around porch, complete with rocking chair, you enter the home and find a full kitchen and bath, a small living room area, and a bedroom for mom, with attached nursery for baby to have his or her own area once born (or for mom to have a really nice sized walk-in closet if she chooses to cosleep 😍)

Upgrades on the homes are going to be absolutely optional, meaning that if the moms choose to remain with us after their “program” has ended, they would be able to move to a larger house on the property, should they so choose to.  These homes would be built as needed.  Positions for moms who have graduated the program are also a possibility.  

There will be a common house down the hill from our family home, and this will be the main building where visitors and supporters find themselves.  This will be the epicenter of our little village, and will be home to many programs, classes and group events/meals for much of the week.

The common house will include several multifunctional rooms, one being the kitchen.  The kitchen will serve as the prep area for many daily meals, holidays and fundraisers, but also as a training kitchen for cooking/food prep/safety classes.

There will be three community rooms, one being for eating (cafeteria style) with a coffee/tea/snack area setup, another for sitting/leisure activity; Couches, tables, gaming, tvs, perhaps a few computers.  The third will be dedicated to quiet study, walls lined with interesting and relevant books, media for interested artists, etc. 

There will be several classrooms in the common house, serving both the mothers and situationally/eventually/optionally their children should they choose to home-educate. 

The mothers classroom will have an adjacent nursery, if need-be/desired.  She will be able to see/tend to her baby, and have optional help should she need to concentrate on her studies, while still being within earshot of her little one(s).

There will be a classroom available for “littles” and for “bigs”, which again may serve different purposes in different seasons.

There will be a chapel in the common house as well, for weekly bible studies, independent/corporate prayer and perhaps to create a home church if need/desire should arise.  

There will be two sets of bathrooms available, with toilet/sink facilities in both.  Full baths are available in the homes only. 

The main office will be located in the common building, accessible by its own entrance.   The office will be used for all administrative tasks, clerical work and as a visitor’s center of sorts.

There will be a large wrap-around porch with plenty of seating and room to fellowship/spend time. 

There will also be a community garden and farm area, which will serve as both a source of food and teaching opportunities.  

Food will be grown in the garden, and farm animals will have part of the land as well.  Chickens, ducks, cows, goats, and perhaps more.  

There will perhaps be a Midwives/doula’s quarters, where our resident midwife and/or doula could set herself up comfortably.  This would be a tiny house with provisions for both the midwife/doula and her client.  A birthing tub, a classroom, small kitchen and bath, sleeping quarters for the midwife and a bed for the birthing mom.  These are all absolutely optional for the moms who decide to use midwifery care for their pregnancy and birth;  we will also have connections with a local OB/hospital for moms wishing to go that route, and just to have that relationship incase ever needed.  Mom will be free to decide whichever type of prenatal care she desires, we will educate her on the various options and support whatever her decision is.

Community will be key.  We will maintain a strong community both within the village itself, and with the local church and community.  God will be the center focus, and women will receive training/resources much like that of Cornerstone and other Pregnancy resource centers.  Financial and material help will be a large part of what we do, but the main focus will be on equipping mothers to carry out their pregnancy, and supporting them whether they decide to raise the baby or choose adoption;

Should mom choose to raise her baby, we will have a plethora of classes on the logistics of caring for a newborn, a baby, a toddler and so on.  Parenting, both tangibly and otherwise.  Life skills, cooking, cleaning, spirituality, relationships, finding employment/income/housing and more!

Should mom choose adoption, we will work closely with an agency that we establish a relationship with, who can find their baby a family, and support the mom in staying as involved/or not involved as she chooses.  We will equip her with all of the information and resources to make an educated and prayerful decision in this aspect.

If mom wants to enter the workforce, we will provide assistance with this as well.

Every mother and baby will be loved and cared for holistically.  Taking into account each unique situation and person.  Every mother and baby will be shown the love of Christ through discipleship, mentorship and tangible assistance.

I wanted to share this so it’s out there. I will expand upon this more as time goes on.

If it’s not out there, if it’s stuck on my phone, how can I expect it to come to pass?  I am speaking life to this ministry, I am speaking hope for those moms out there who *need* this, I am speaking life to those precious babies who will be saved because of this.  This is too huge not to let it out.  This is too impactful.  

This is my mission, and I choose to accept it.  I will see it through.  

Stay tuned for updates. We have a 40′ Thomas Saf-T Liner bus in our back yard, about 70% done currently. If you want to get involved in any way, contact me and let’s connect! This is going to take many hands and a powerful move of God.

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