Finding your way in the swamp muck and mire of life getting determined
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Finding Your Way

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We start out life with such hope, curiosity and wonder, not worrying about tomorrow or the troubles it will surely bring.  As we grow older, we begin to see things differently.  Worries rise up and take the place of hope, trouble steps in and overshadows the joy and we just get so darn busy with the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to how to live (and thrive) in it!  Am I speaking to anyone here?

Deciding to become the best version of yourself is going to require some hard work, and it won’t be without pain, surely.  It’s going to require self discipline, sacrifice and dieing to yourself over and over.  Dieing a thousand tiny little deaths to things like your pride, always being right and getting your way (control).  Having the loudest shout in the room doesn’t give us power, it just makes us noisy.  A controlled and quiet demeanor, peaceful spirit and listening ears will be the qualities that will accelerate our growth the most.

So, how do we get out of whatever slump of muck and mire we found ourselves in, pick ourselves up, dust off and move on with a posture of gratitude and poise?  What does that look like?  Where do we even start?  I’m glad you asked.  

The first step to lasting change is deciding we’re going to actually do it.  Making the decision that where we are currently at is no longer serving us and we are ready to move to higher ground.  A resolution, if you will, to put our nose to the grind and accomplish whatever it is that needs to be accomplished.  No longer making & taking excuses for ourselves, but throwing them out the window.  Phrases like “I can’t” “I wish” and “I don’t know” are getting the eviction notice today, and are being replaced with “I can, I will and I am!”  You do know, you can do it and you will get there!

Now that that’s out of the way, there are a few things you need to decide upon.  

What are the challenges you’re currently facing?  What obstacles or unknowns are causing you to feel a sense of dread and chaos in your life?  

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