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Some little girls dream about being princesses when they grow up. Some, however, are more realistic.  Usually, our ideal job / career is different than what we imagined it to be in our childhood.  Personally I’ve changed my mind several times over the years.  I recall reading somewhere that the part of our brains responsible for rational thinking and decision making don’t even form until our mid-twenties.  That explains a lot – about a lot.

        As a youngin’, I dreamt of being a veterinarian, oddly enough I don’t even really like animals now.  I mean don’t get me wrong, if I see a turtle crossing a highway I’ll stop to help him, or if I see a cute kitten I’ll oogle over it for about 70 seconds, but that’s about it… After I realized what being a vet entailed, I moved on to bigger and better aspirations.  Next up was psychologist.  To this day, I’m still quite fascinated by psychology, and if I had the patience and determination to withstand the years of schooling – I don’t– I might pursue this field!  Another fascination of mine was being a lawyer.  This is another one that, through the years, has stuck with me as an interesting and desirable field.  My only qualms about this (besides my father telling me I’d have to read a ton of books on law, and I’d never stop reading because there would always be something new to learn) is the concept that most lawyers “lie”.  I don’t like liars.  Point blank period exclamation point times infinity.  I mean, yeah I understand that you don’t “have” to lie, but I’ve always been under the impression that they twist the truth at the least.

        Now, back to reality.  My dream “job” would be to own my own bakery. Whether that is from home, or a store-front is up for debate.  I am currently working on a business plan to sell baked goods and food from home for now, with the prospect of eventually making it “big”.  That said, my true dream “job” wouldn’t be considered a job in the sense that I wouldn’t be getting paid.  One day I hope for us to be able to build an addition onto our house (probably not our current house, but who knows) and have boarding available for crisis pregnancies.  I would like to work with a local pregnancy center to help young / scared moms facing unplanned pregnancies have a place to stay, learn, and raise their babies until they are stable enough to be on their own.  I would want to help them in any way that I could including cooking for them, giving them rides, providing clothing, helping them find work while providing childcare while they work, etc…

        Ideally, I could run my bakery along with this boarding house, and the bakery would help fund this (non-profit) project.  I want us to be comfortable and happy, rich isn’t the goal.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, the occasional cruise / vacation would be great, and having the latest laptop wouldn’t be too bad either (I love my internet), but a dream job should be your passion, not avenue to riches.

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