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Inviting your Friends & Family to a Class

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So, you found some treasure and wanna tell the world about it, scream it from the mountaintops and share with everyone how it has positively impacted your life/health/etc – all without looking like a weirdo, right?  Pull up a chair, crack open a packet of Ningxia and listen up!  We’re going to very quickly outline the easiest and simplest way to invite your friends, family, coworkers & even the post-office-lady to your next Essential Oils class – all without looking like a sleezeball!


Figure out a date that works for you.  I know it’s tempting to try and coordinate schedules with your mom, your MIL, your bff & everyone else you’d really love to show up to your first class – but – the stars almost never align perfectly, and you’ll have to be ok with that.  Plus, for those who can’t make it – you can have another class, a one on one coffee-date or offer for them to host their own class (and you earn the commission from that one! *This is a great way to earn a paycheck without really “working” the business)  

Ideally, you want to set a date 2-3 weeks out.  This gives ample time for planning & marketing the class while keeping it close enough that it’s not forgotten.


Do you want to have an online class or an in-person class? Online can sometimes be easier to host & to get people to agree to attend – but, you’re losing that personal connection & that hands-on charm that allows everyone to really experience the oils / products with all 5 of their senses! I highly recommend in person classes whenever possible, but there is still merit in a Facebook Live / Zoom class.


Create an event – feel free to message/text/email/call me if you need help setting this up, but it’s very simple and you can even find a tutorial online.  Name the event descriptively – Essential Oils 101, Ningxia – The super drink, The Non-Toxic Home, The Natural Home, etc – whatever name appeals to you and describes what will be happening at your class. 

Set the date/time/location accurately, invite me so I can help promote, throw in some teasers about what they’ll be learning from the class & so I can also make sure to save the date!  (If I’m teaching this class – please message me so we can coordinate a date that works for both of us first!)


Please, for the love of Lavender, don’t just go down your Facebook friends list and invite every single person.  You want to be intentional here.  Think about it, what if you got a random “Hey girl” message from someone you haven’t talked to since your High School reunion?  You’d probably run screaming in the other direction – or at least say “ew” and X out the message without ever replying.  Put some thought into it.  Who could this help? 

  • Who do you know that could really benefit from getting the toxins out of their home? 
  • Who has been having trouble getting their kiddos to sleep through the night peacefully?  
  • Anyone asking for solutions to recurring headaches that there seems to be no answer to?  
  • Do you have a friend who “loves oils” but is using Walmart/Amazon branded ones and they simply don’t know the difference?  
  • Or, maybe you know anyone who might need to make a few extra bucks (or even a full-time income) working from home so they don’t have to send their kids to daycare? 

    Think about what your first class did for you, how the information changed and helped you, and consider how this could do the same for others.  Invite those people.  


Honestly, I don’t put a number on it.  Like I said, you’re being intentional and personal.  Keep in mind that as a “general statistic” only 30% of the people you invite will show.  This statistic is likely based on mostly cold invites, so if you’re “warm inviting” people (meaning, having real conversations with people you know, and focusing on serving them) your numbers should be higher – but if they’re not, no sweat!  I don’t put a cap on it, and if for some reason you have “too many people” sign up, we’ll just find a bigger venue!  (I can think of worse problems to have!)


Again, no “Hey girl” cut & paste messages here.  No blind |Invite| clicking on everyone’s name on a list.  Yes, you do ideally want to make an event page to collect everyone in one spot, promote & remind – but you only add them after you’ve had the conversation & they’ve accepted (or at the very least, said maybe).  You don’t have to overcomplicate this, but hopefully the people you’re inviting are people you’ve at least talked to in the past year… Reach out to them and say something like:

“Hey, how have you been?” *wait for response / maybe chat a bit*  \\ When the time feels right, toss in: “So, on (date) I’m having my first essential oils (or Thieves cleaner, or Ningxia, or Oils of the Bible, or xyz class) and I know that you (insert reason they’d love to come to your class – remember, don’t make it about you! Make it about them)”  Add your own personal flair & aroma to it, phone calls are great but if you’re texting/messaging you can/should type in your “voice” (type the way you talk).

[DID YOU KNOW?  There are OVER 25 different classes!!!!  This is one reason you want to invite people that you KNOW would enjoy the specific class you’re having.  101 is the Basic Oils class – which you likely attended first – and it’s usually the best “intro” there is to this lifestyle – however if you have a friend(s) who is resistant to oiling – you may more easily appeal to them with our non-toxic plant-based Thieves cleaning line OR our powerful red Ningxia drink that only Young Living carries.  Maybe they love their pets and want some natural solutions for their furbabies?  You know your friends & family best, so use discretion.  See the end of this post for a list of all of our current classes.]


Remember, at the end of the day, this isn’t about you.  This class is to give your friends the gift of knowledge, to empower them to take their health & life into their own hands & show them that there is a better, cleaner, less-toxic & way better smelling path!  Make it about them.  Love people.


This is something that seems to work really great for a lot of people, myself included.  This is totally optional, but really gets people fired up & if they’re close to you they’ll want to help you!  I want you to message 2-3 of the people who agreed to come to your class, a day or two after they accept.  You’re going to ask them to make a quick blurb on their personal page (or they can message/text/call people if they prefer) about you and why their friends would want to come to your class with them!  

They can say something like “I’ve known (your name) for xyz years & she’s always talking about all this natural stuff, well I decided to find out what it’s all about.  She really knows her stuff & I think it’s time I find out more…” or whatever they want to say. 

   * Give them an incentive to use this to invite others by telling them that you have a special gift for them.  I always keep empty rollers/sample bottles on hand anyway to make up my own blends – but you can grab a pack on amazon for under $10 (or I really like these keychain ones for under $15 you get a ton of them)  and some Fractionated Coconut Oil or other carrier oil of your choice.  Make up 2-3 rollers with 5-10 drops of your favorite oil and the rest a carrier oil, and have them as “door prizes” for your friends who go that extra step to help promote your class.

Another great way to get friends to show up is to talk about your class in person!  This can be intimidating and scary for some, but keep in mind that sharing is truly caring.  Offer some Owie for a scraped knee, or a drop of Peppermint in the palm of their hand so they can walk around and experience the POW that peppermint offers.  Just wearing your oils while going about your day is a great way to bring attention to them, you’ll have friends and strangers alike asking what that smell is, and that’s an excellent ice breaker to get the convo going!


I want you to keep in mind, even if you aren’t looking for another stream of income (It’s always smart to have multiple streams of income – putting all of our eggs in one basket in today’s economy can be scary & having a residual/passive income stream through Network Marketing can give you a cushion (or a huge pillow) that makes all the difference) you can earn all of the commission from your class if you so choose.  You don’t need to make the decision today – in fact, you have 30 days from the date any of your friends decide to purchase product to sign up as a “Brand Partner”.  When your friend decides to make a purchase, be it one of our amazing Starter Kits, toothpaste, vitamins, etc – you’ll be able to earn 50% of their purchases for the first 30 days they sign up.  The only thing you’d need to do to be able to earn that paycheck, is to purchase a Business Essentials Kit ( for $14.95 within 30 days of their purchase, and I will make a quick call to YL to place your friend(s) under you.  That means they are now your customer, and you will earn every time they shop – 50 stinking percent in the first 30 days – that’s unheard of in this – or any other – industry!

And then you can literally take this as far – or not – as you wish.  You can do nothing and you’ll just earn if/when they make more purchases (and if they have a class, all those signups are yours too!), or you can share about what you’re already using and loving – and people will naturally be attracted to that.  It’s infectious.  When you have a passion for something, and you love it and love others – you can’t help but share it, and it oozes out of you and becomes contagious!  I’d love to sit and chat with you personally – or on a Zoom/phone call, whatever you prefer.  I’ll even buy you a coffee!  If you have any questions about this at all!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!  I love this and if you’re reading this I probably love you too, so let’s chat!


  • 101: Oils
  • 102: Thieves
  • 103: NingXia
  • 104: CBD
  • 105: The Kids Class
  • 106: Fearless: How to Play with Your Oils
  • 107: Oils of the Bible
  • 108: The Raindrop Class
  • 109: The Feelings Class
  • 110: The Gut Health Class (Setting the
    Stage for Young Living Supplements)
  • 111: The 4 Most Important Young Living Supplements
  • 112: Enzymes
  • 113: Bloom + ART: The Skin Class
  • 114: The Hair Class
  • 115: The Tooth Class
  • 116: Hormones + Oils
  • 117: Animal Aromatherapy
  • 118: Basic Massage for Couples Class
    (A Tour of the Young Living Massage Oils)
  • 119: Intro to Diffusers:
    (What They Do, Which to Use, and When)
  • 120: Seedlings: The Baby Class
  • 121: The Manly Man Class: Top Oily Products for Dudes
  • 122: The Techniques Class: Neuro-Auricular
    + The Ear Technique + Valor Balancing
  • 123: How to Make Your Own Blends
  • 124: The Einkorn Class

Bonus Classes:

  • Ningxia Greens
  • Inner Beauty Collagen – Fountain of Youth in a Bottle
    • Protocol 1: Cleansing Trio
    • Protocol 2: Slique Weight Loss
    • Protocol 3: Emotional Release
    • Protocol 4: Energy/Brain
    • Protocol 5: Gary’s Great Day
    • Protocol 6: Grief
    • Protocol 7: Internal Oils
  • Cold and Flu’s
  • Teacher Training (learn how simple it is to teach your own classes, hint hint: you don’t have to be an expert OR good at talking – there is a SCRIPT BOOK!

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