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Cream of Anything Soup Recipe

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Ditch the can (which contains nasties like BPA, Aluminum & other toxins you probably don’t want in your body, and whip up any Cream of soup you can imagine. Once you know how to make the Base, the sky is the limit. I’ve replicated nearly every Campbell’s flavor, plus even made a few unique ones of my own. Just to give you some inspiration, I’ve included several variations under the Notes section of the below recipe.

Cream of Anything Soup Base

Ditch the cans, save money & create your own simple, easy Cream of Anything Base Recipe. The sky is the limit here!
Total Time15 minutes


  • 4 Tbsp Butter
  • 4 Tbsp Flour
  • 12 oz Chicken Broth (1.5c)
  • 12 oz Milk (1.5c)
  • 1/2 cup Vegetables any veggies of your choice here (see notes for ideas)
  • 1 Tbsp Spices any spices of your choice here (see notes for ideas)


  • Melt butter over medium heat in a medium saucepan.
  • *If you're adding vegetables, this is the point you'd add them & sautee' until softened. I typically add an extra Tbsp or two of butter if veggies are being added.
  • Once butter is melted, add flour and whisk constantly.
  • Continue whisking about 60 seconds until thickened.
  • While continuously whisking, slowly add broth & milk.
  • Season as desired & use immediately or let cool & store in refrigerator up to 4 days.


Cream of Chicken
This is the base recipe provided above.  You can add 1/4c of minced, cooked Chicken if desired, but I typically don’t.
Cream of Mushroom
Perfect for Green Bean Casserole.  Simply add 6-8oz of Diced Mushrooms in Step 2, and proceed with the above recipe.
Cream of Celery
Add 2 Stalks of Diced Celery in Step 2, and proceed with the above recipe.  You can also just use 2 tsp of Celery Seed.
Cream of Onion
Add 1/2 c Diced Onion (and 1 clove of Minced Garlic if desired) in Step 2, and proceed with the above recipe.
Cream of Bacon
Cook 4-6 Slices of Bacon ahead of time, and substitute half of the butter for bacon grease.  Add the diced, cooked bacon at the end.
You can get creative and add anything your heart desires.  The best part about cooking from scratch is that you get to be creative and try new things.  You know the saying “Baking is a Science, Cooking is an Art”  You are the artist, create something today!
*You can substitute vegetable, beef or chicken broth for variations on flavor.

Have you tried making your own “canned staples” from scratch before? It’s such a quick, simple & money saving hack that I utilize every single week in our home! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried one or more variations of “Cream of Anything”! I’d love to hear from you.

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