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Turning Dreams into Reality

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“If I had listened to all those people who muttered, “Good luck, kid” when they heard me say when I was young that I wanted to be a Yankee, I would have given up long ago” – Derek Jeter; The Life You Imagine

I want to talk about dreams.  This is something that’s been heavy on the front and center of my mind (and heart) a lot lately, so forgive me if I’m beating a dead horse – but at least I’m using a new pair of boots to do it 😉

So, firstly, the fact that I’m reading this book makes me giggle, cause sometimes admitting our spouses had good ideas can feel like that means our ideas were wrong, if that makes sense in a weird type of way.  Let me explain this part before we move on.  

I’ve been working on my mindset a lot lately, and that’s because – believe it or not – I can go all “Negative Nancy” with a quickness.  I have found so much comfort in building up my mind, my confidence and my general skills in this past year.  Did some other areas of my life take a slight back seat?  Does laundry occasionally pile up a bit more than it previously did, some days contain more real life learning than bookwork for my kiddos & maybe date nights with my spouse are far and few in between or look different than they did in a previous season of life?  Perhaps, but getting your mind right isn’t just “for you” or just “for your business/school/etc.”. Getting your mind right is everything you guys, everything.  

Our mind affects our quality of life, productiveness, happiness & all of those around us are affected too.  It’s important.  Martha Krejci says “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”, and it’s true… so, it stands to reason that working on your mindset will improve allareas of your life.  Ok, bunny trail aside, my husband saw me devouring lots of personal development books lately (some call them “self help” but that title kind of turns me off) and suggested that I read a book that deeply impacted him in high school during a time when he was playing baseball.  He took a mental training class with one of his coaches and was recommended to read The Life you Imagine by Derek Jeter.  It spoke to him and doesn’t typically enjoy reading.  Sooo, after my initial resistance to the book on the grounds of:  him not being a reader (“what does he know about books” said I) and it “being about baseball” (notafan) (also, it’s not about baseball, even Jeter himself states “The lessons I talk about here transcend baseball”, and they truly do.), I decided to give it a shot.  After all, I’d picked up a copy several years prior at a yard sale (thought my husband would enjoy the gesture but he hasn’t reread it yet…).

Moving on.  Dreams, that’s what we’re talking about here.  Dreams are great and all (everyone should dream, and dream big imo) but without a plan and attainable goals along the path, dreams stay dreams.  Yes, having a plan is essential because “He who aims at nothing surely hits it” and “If you don’t know where you’re going, the road will surely take you there.”  Two similar quotes pointing to the same idea.  But, more than a plan, visualizing and believing are also fundamental to attainment.

Belief is key because no one is going to hand your dreams to you on a silver platter, and on that same note, no one (at least in the early stages, and in the most detailed way) no one is going to have more belief in your exact vision than you do.  You are responsible for keeping it alive.  Your belief should be so strong that you can see 

You will also want to surround yourself with people who have similar dreams and goals in life.  People who are go-getters, visionaries & “glass half full” types.  Not only because of the whole birds of a feather thing – cause that’s important – but also because having someone(s) in your corner can elevate your spirits when the doubts (and doubters) come knocking – and, knock they will.  Derek references his parents and their devotion to his dreams often.  He says, referencing his parents encouragement, “none of his goals were considered outlandish. Everything was attainable (emphasis mine).  When you’re only a kid and your parents make you feel that way about yourself, you can dream about doing anything… You can accomplish anything”.  That’s beautiful.  If that don’t bring tears to your eyes, #checkyaheart

I’ll definitely touch more on this topic in the future, and in the mean time you can get my top 12 tips for following your dreams and living the life you imagine.  

Until next time, friend ♡

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” Wayne Huizenga

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