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How to Feel Excited for the Holidays

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To some, the mere thought of actually hating Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthdays is abhorrent.  Why would you?  How could you?  Nobody does – right?  Well……. I haven’t been around the too long, but I have met some real life Scrooges in my time, and while misunderstood by many, people have their reasons.

A lot of times, it’s as simple as this:  Holidays bring up old feelings.  Perhaps a loved one has passed and their memories still linger, causing the pain of nostalgia for what was.  Perhaps there is bitterness from a pass hurt and a time that would typically be full of joy and fellowship feels empty and hollow.  The list goes on, but we are all unique and people have their reasons.  

Today, though, I want to talk about the average jane/joe.  Loving the holidays, playing Christmas tunes

(just no Mariah Carey please, I can’t afford to have the windows in my home shattered) all of December & baking up a smorgasbord to share w/ gathering friends & family.  It’s a time of coming together, remembrance, love, peace & good will.  We look forward to these brief moments all year long, but… when the time draws near, we suddenly find ourselves in a panic.  How do I time the potatoes & stuffing so they’re hot with the turkey?  When do I sneak downstairs to hide gifts under the tree after my kids reluctantly fall asleep?  How can I manage to have Aunt Sue & Cousin Vicki in the same room without World War 3 breaking out – cause you know someone’s gonna bring up politics.  

These are very real concerns, and would incite panic in the best of us.  It can all seem like too much to an already overloaded and overwhelmed mom who already feels like she’s juggling the world.  The holiday’s come and go, but the prep & cleanup seem to drag on…  Kinda funny (in an Alanis Morissette kind of way) that the definition of Holiday via Oxford dictionary throws in that “no work is done” in the definition of Holiday…

Let’s get real, there’s much work to be done, and the brunt of it typically falls on mom – or the main caregiver of the family.  And, while we could choose to be bitter about this, let’s instead friend, choose to be better.  We can’t control what happens to us but we can control our reaction.  

Instead of marinating in the fact that we have a thousand and one things to juggle & not enough time to do it all, let’s try and remember the Reason for the Season – the celebration of the birth of our savior – Jesus. And, let’s also remember that this is a time to enjoy our loved ones, make precious memories and soak in Every. Single. Moment. Cause – guys – it passes so stinking quickly. Looking back at some of our Christmas photos recently nearly brought me to tears. The kids change rapidly each and every passing year. The innocence of childhood is replaced by the pains of growing up and out, it’s bittersweet of course because there is much to enjoy along the journey, but time is a thief and constantly reminds us that life is but a vapor. Enjoy it, cherish it, thank God for the blessing of it.

I’m going to have some super practical tips on organizing your home, preparing for guests, cooking/baking & other juggling acts up on my blog soon, but for now check out my free guide 7 Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Holidays and let me know in the comments one/some of your favorite tips for making sure everything is as chill as possible during the chaos of Christmas.

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