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50 Creative and Unique Date Ideas | Valentine’s Day

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In today’s chaotic world, it can be hard to find time to Date Your Spouse, but it’s oh so very important.  With children, activities, church, work and your general everyday hustle and bustle, who has the time or energy to go on a date?  Let alone the money!  All of the ideas below are either free or cheap so what excuse do you have not to date your spouse?  Well, my friend, throw your excuses out the window, because below are 50 Creative and Unique Date Ideas that will keep things fresh, jazzy and your love-life snazzy!  Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to utilize this list of 50 Creative and Unique Date Ideas, so take a shower, slap on some Essential Oils (cause perfume is toxic!) and get dating!

  1. Share a meal – Breakfast, lunch, dinner – who cares!  Eating is enjoyable, eating is fun, eating is made for every one.  Did you like my rhyme?  Seriously, food has a way of bringing people together.  Eat in or take out, whatever suits your fancy!
  2. Take a walk – especially after eating!  It’s a great way to burn off those extra calories, 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is so good for our health!  Enjoy the outdoors together, walk and see what conversation pops up next!
  3. Cook or Bake together – This kind of goes along with number 1, assuming what you make will be edible…  Look up a new recipe, try a new technique and get fearless in the kitchen with your mate!
  4. Play a board game! – This is a classic American pastime and could keep you busy for potentially hours!  Anything from Yahtzee to Monopoly works, but may I recommend something more personal?  Discovery and Spouse-ology are two excellent games that really help you and your spouse connect as a couple!  The latter is meant for more than one couple, but Discovery is definitely a one-on-one experience, and is not only fun but can also lead to deeper intimacy (ps some of the challenges can get a bit naughty!)
  5. Go thrifting – one of my absolute favorite pastimes hands down!  I love everything about thrifting.  Yard sales, thrift stores, anywhere there’s a bargain – count me in!  My husband has recently started enjoying this as well, so it’s a great fun – not to mention cheap – thing to do together that can really help the two of you bond and enjoy each other’s company, while finding some great stuff for yourselves, the home or to sell online!
  6. Couples massage – This can be something you purchase from a professional Massage therapist or a one-on-one personal session between the two of you – but warning this may lead to hanky-panky
  7. Volunteer – Serving together is a beautiful way to bond and contribute to society.  Whether you’re actively involved in a current ministry at church or you’ve never dipped your toes into service before – this is a great pastime and when we serve others we forget our “problems” and it’s been shown to increase joy in our lives!
  8. Watch a movie or TV show – Finding a show that you both enjoy – while it may prove to be challenging – can really bring the two of you together.  Common interests are what brought you together in the first place, right?  Find something you can both enjoy and converse about later, whip out the popcorn and get watching!
  9. Take a ride – You don’t need a destination to take a ride.  Whether it’s by car or – even better – bike!  Take a ride somewhere you haven’t been before – or lately – and enjoy each other’s company.  Turn the radio on and let the conversation – or karaoke – begin!
  10. Watch the sunset – or sunrise if you’re an early riser – Grab a cup of coffee or tea for both of you, a comfy blanket and settle in to watch God’s beautiful show.  There are 2 showings per day, so no excuses here!
  11. Look at old photos/videos – Playing “Remember When” is a great way to rekindle the flames, bring you both together and help remember wonderful memories from past times.
  12. Attend a Local Event – Facebook or Google can be a great asset here.  You can search all local events happening today and you’ll nearly always find something to do.  Some may cost money, others may be completely free!  Everyday can be a new adventure if you let it!
  13. Scavenger Hunt – This requires a bit of forward planning, but you can either come up with your own ideas or enlist Google’s help yet again!  There are all types of indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts to choose from, pick something and get going – either as rivals or a team!
  14. Take a class together – Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?  You could learn to paint, sculpt, cook, dance or many other ventures that you’d love to add to your skillset.  Find something you could both enjoy – or perhaps are willing to try – and go for it! The possibilities are endless!
  15. Watch the clouds/stars  – Depending on the time of day, and weather-permitting – grab some blankets, a few snacks and drinks and set up camp under the sky.  Try to find images in the clouds or constellations in the sky.
  16. Attend a concert – Whether we’re talking Platinum award-winning music artists or local indie-bands, you can’t go wrong with live music.  There’s just something about the way it sounds that will get you both moving, grooving and having a good ol’ time!
  17. Read together – This should be a daily occurrence anyway but sometimes life gets busy, so when you get a chance to do it – do it!  The bible is an excellent way to come together as a couple, getting in God’s AQqwword is a sure way to fireproof your marriage and bring intimacy into it.  You could also read a book on a common interest, or better yet a book on how to improve/maintain a loving marriage
  18. Play video games – Most of us nowadays have at least one video game console or a computer in the house, and most of us also know how to use them.  Take turns or play co-op on a favorite video game together, whether it’s rivalry or teamwork it’s sure to bring fun, laughter and enjoyment to you both as a couple!
  19. Start a hobby – Find something you can do together on a regular basis as a couple that you both enjoy and/or are good at!  You can do it just for fun or even as a way to make some extra cash!  Working together to create something is therapeutic and enjoyable!  Just a few ideas are: restoring old furniture, converting a School bus into an RV (highly recommended), hunting, fishing, etc… the list goes on and on!
  20. Campfire – break out the S’mores ingredients, some comfy blankets and perhaps a guitar if one of you are so musically inclined, and settle in for a lovely night around the cozy fire.  How romantic.
  21. Go get coffee – This might sound boring and routine, but it is what you make it!  Pick a coffee shop you haven’t been to before – or lately – and choose a fancy or exotic sounding brew to try!  Choose to sit down in the ambiance provided, or take a stroll outside as you sip and enjoy one another’s company.
  22. Get cultured – Visit a local historic sight or art museum, there’s usually an abundance of them within a 20 mile or so radius of most areas.  Some nights admission will be free or heavily discounted, so check out their website prior to your visit!
  23. Window shop – This is a fun way to pass the time or plan for future ventures!  Home Depot, Target, even the Dollar Store can all prove to be excellent window shopping locations for you and your love-muffin.  Make sure to touch all the pillows, smell every candle and if there are free samples (Hello Costco) Do Partake
  24.  Make plans – This is a great way to set up a future date for yourselves while having fun!  You could make up a list, like this one, of your top date ideas, make a date jar where you just pick a random idea from a jar, or plan something a little more thought out and extravagant – like a Cruise or something complex that takes some serious planning (and serious savings!).  Utilize Pinterest, Mapquest and even your local travel agent!  Plan every detail out even down to the date and then have fun fantasizing together about what it will be like!
  25. Go bowling – Almost every decent sized town has a bowling alley in or near it, check yours out next date night!  If you really enjoy it, maybe consider joining a bowling league – make it a regular date!
  26. Skating or Ice Skating – This is another great American pastime, and bonus: some skating rinks have “Throwback” Nights, with 80’s/90’s themed music/attire, y’all can reminisce about the good ol’ days together, now that’s special!
  27. Mini-golf – There’s something about competition that just spices up your love life, dontcha think?
  28. Watch the storm – The next time there’s a storm coming, plan ahead.  Get your candles/flashlights ready, maybe a good book to enjoy together and cozy up by a window and watch the storm brew and rage.  Perhaps you’ll even get lucky and the lights will go out!  Listening to the rain and snuggling is the best way to fall asleep in my opinion!
  29. Go on a Hike – Nature is therapeutic, no?  Pack up some lunch sacks, or even a backpack for longer hikes, and hit the trails.  Leave the phones at home and bring a legit paper map and compass to make things even more interesting!
  30. Take House Tours – Check local listings for Open Houses near you and go “window house shopping”.  It’s fun to get ideas for your current house design or even a future “dream” house layout!
  31. Play Cards – There are so many games available, Google says, depending on what you consider a game, that there are between 1,000 and 10,000 different card games out there!  Grab a deck and go for it – the possibilities are endless!
  32. B-I-N-G-OPlay at home or find a local event.  Some churches or other organizations host Pocket-Book Bingo, and many other types of Bingo with varying prizes!
  33. Go People Watching – the mall, the park or anywhere public with semi-comfortable seating is ideal.  Sit back and make up lives or circumstances for the people who walk by you, have fun with it and get creative!
  34. Karaoke – whether at home or a local venue, if you’re comfortable with singing in front of each other (or others) this could be a fun date night!  To make things even more exciting, pick each other’s songs!
  35. Make a Time-Capsule or Memory Book – Making memories is great, but preserving them is even better!  Include photos, movie/show ticket-stubs, receipts, love notes, dried leaves, favorite candy wrappers or anything that might remind you of your love and times together.
  36. Fix something – Hey, it needs repaired anyway… That leaky faucet, the siding that needs power-washed or the oil change that’s been waiting to happen?  Make it a team effort.
  37. Have a water balloon or water gun fight – self explanatory!  Get on the bathing suits and have some towels ready.
  38. Write Love Letters to each other – What better way to rekindle the flames of romance than writing love letters to one another?  They can be as cheesy and elementary as you want, or you could go for a deeper more serious approach as well, make them your own!
  39. Visit the place you first met – Either in person or by Google Earth, take a trip back in time and reminisce about the moment you first met.  Bring as much memory back to the moment as possible, recounting the feelings, outfit you may have worn and even activities if applicable.
  40. Escape Room – Work together and devise a plan to beat the Escape Room before time runs out!
  41. Go Eye Bombing – This is such a nifty idea I read about recently and cannot wait to try!  Go to the Dollar Tree and buy a few packs of Googly Eyes, walk around a local park or another area of your choice and give inanimate objects eyes!
  42. Take a train ride – Check your local events page to see if there are any train stations close by.  Some are for commuting, others are for scenic tours.
  43. Photo shoot – When’s the last time you updated your Social Media Profile photos?  Or just took photos of the two of you together in general?  Get fixed up nice, find a lovely setting and snap some memories!  Take some serious ones, but also some goofy ones – those are the best!
  44. Take the Enneagram – Find you and your mate’s personality type for fun – or it may even give you some better insight on one another.
  45. Real life Impractical Jokers – Play out your favorite skits from Impractical Jokers or make your own, don’t forget to videotape them for your own enjoyment.
  46. Start a Youtube Channel – Make a plan and start a channel!  The sky is the limit here!
  47. IKEA Photo Shoot – Go to IKEA and window shop, reenact the 500 Days of Summer date or just do a impromptu photo shoot in the different room scenarios available. 
  48. Beach or Lake walk – Can you think of anything more romantic than your toes in the sand and the sound of waves splashing as you and your love chat and stroll along hand-in-hand?
  49. Walmart B-I-N-G-O – Oh man, I’ll let you Google this one.  We had an entertaining time just reading off the spaces and laughing to ourselves.
  50. Go Geocaching – This is a whole world in itself.  It’s great to do with kids of course, but would make for an exciting date night as well.  Download the app and immerse yourself in this virtual treasure hunt with your sweetie-pie

Hopefully this list gave you some (or a ton!) of ideas, I’d love to hear any additional fun and unique date night ideas you have – please leave me a comment!

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