just jump

Just Jump! – Especially if You’re Afraid

On any given day, I have at least 5 great ideas before my feet hit the floor in the morning. My brain gears are constantly turning, and they slow down for nothing. My problem lies therein, ideas come to me so quickly sometimes that I can’t grab a hold of them before they fade away into the morning fog, or take a backseat to my desire to run towards the smell wafting from my coffee pot…

Find Your Why

It gives you a fresh gust of wind when things seem hopeless, and picks you up when life inevitably knocks you down, countless times. Your Why is your purpose in life, what you strive for. It makes you who you are and makes what you do evident to those around you. Your Why keeps you aiming for the goal. It’s the belief that what you’re doing is bigger than you, and it’s the very legacy that will live on long after you.

time to blog

Find Time to Blog – or do Anything!

Honestly, if you’re going to get anything done in life, you really need to make a strategy. Without a Plan of Action, you’ll be mindlessly moving throughout your day. From the time your feet hit the floor in the morning until your head hits that pillow at night, it will seem to fly by, and looking back you’ll wonder what you actually got done. Friend, you need a sense of accomplishment as motivation to keep going. You need to get your priorities in line and organize your time and life to make the life you want.

The Doubt Monster

Part of me thinks that the doubt is holding me down because I’m meant to do this, and the enemy of my soul does not want to see this succeed. Why would it be easy if it’s worth it? Why would it be worth it if it was easy? Everyone would be doing it, and succeeding. It’s NOT going to be easy. It’s going to be really freaking hard.

Breaking Free

Alright, I’m putting myself out there. This is not a very flattering image of me, but I love it anyway because it was one of those moments. The type of moment where you are just lost in pure bliss and fun, without regard of anyone around you thinking you’ve lost Read more…

Schoolbus or RV? Why we chose a bus

Naturally, when I tell people my big dream, they respond with “But, why a school bus? And why do you want to travel? Shouldn’t you wait until the kids are older and you retire (aka are almost too old to hike/explore/enjoy)?” and while I can’t pinpoint the exact attraction or calling, here’s my story, take from it what you will.