Combating Grumbling

I wanted to share a tip that I use to combat grumbling.  Grumbling is something I'm sure we all struggle with, whether we want to admit it or not.  But, how can we help our fellow sister's in Christ - or ANYONE for that matter - if we don't share our struggles and how we use our weaknesses to glorify God. in 2 Cor 12:9-10 Paul is boasting about his weakness, and he says this is so that the power of Christ may dwell in him.

So. . .  let's boast away, cause who doesn't need more of *THAT pwer, amirite???

Ok, so.. here's my tip (but first my confession, hehehe) I HATE LAUNDRY.  Ok, that was a little strong, uhhh, I don't really like doin' laundry, k?  So, naturally in my flesh Imma wanna grumble about it... But, I try to set a good example for my kids, so we moved the laundry machines to the basement so they couldn't hear me - Just Kidding!!!!!! Sheesh!  Ya'll are so serious... They were in the basement when we bought the house,   

What I'm really trying to tell you, is that I'm mostly a quiet grumbler.  You know the type, if you were close enough and saw my facial expressions you'd prolly know what was going on in my mind.  Occasionally, since I'm usually alone in the basement besides the occasional "Spricket" (oh, imagine what they've heard...), I will grumble outloud (listen, I'm a talker - we already went over this - and I randomly, audibly think during the day, even if the kids aren't in the room with me, LOL)...

So, what I have found to do is pray during the task... but, not just any prayer, because I have what's known as "prayer-adhd" and if I'm not closing my eyes and keeping my body fairly still, I. Will. Get. Distracted.  One moment I'll be all "Oh Lord, thank you so much for what you've - "  and then out of NOWHERE my brain is like "duuuude, you forgot to order Cilantro with your Instacart order and it'll be delivered soon - oh you better go get the Amazon packages off the porch before the - wait did it rain? you gotta make sure the car windows are closed - wait did you put gas in the car this morning? it was already on E last time you drove it - speaking of driving don't forget to go to the post office aaaaaaaaaaaand while you're out you should get eggs from the farm " - see where I'm going here?)

SO, I pray very specifically for whatever is associated with each piece of laundry I'm currently dealing with.  The most drawn out ones are usually when I do the "random" loads, and that's when there's just a few articles from each category of laundry that didn't fit in their main load, so I wash 'em all together.  (Don't come at me you color/white/fabric texture-separating weirdos, I wash towels with pillowcases, socks and jeans sometimes, ok? They get along JUST FINE.  The *only* exception to this rule are my flour sack towels, and that's bc they come in contact with food directly, so they get washed alone.)

As I was removing the "random" load from the dryer, piece by piece tonight, I was inspired to share this drawn out and probably silly little part of my life with you, because I think someone might just need it.

My prayer went something like this:
(Hubby's tank top) Lord thank you for my hard-working husband, bless and protect Him, help me love him better.
(Towel) God thank you for hot showers that we are able to wash ourselves in regularly.
(Gianna's Hoodie) Thank you for Yard Sales and for my daughter's fashion/frugal sense that causes her to buy SO many cute clothes at rock bottom prices.
(A Blanket)  Thank you for this blanket that I think I might have stole from my mother but she doesn't remember and neither do it - and it's warm - so bless my mom, keep her healthy & thanks.
(a random sock) God thank you for socks to keep our feet warm, feet to walk and please help me find the match to this sock so I don't have to destroy it.

There might have been a few more, but those were the ones I could remember.  Anyway, hopefully the Lord has a sense of humor =)   Make sure to ask God for ways to help you find joy in any circumstance and keep your eyes, ears & heart open for his answer and you will find what you seek! <3

God's Timing

God is so good, even in those moments where we don't take time to realize it,  When pastors say: “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good” they aren't kidding.  

I am an off the beaten path type gal, and I enjoy swimming against the popular stream typically, and in being so, it inspires me to also look at things that others do not – more specifically to look at things the way that others do not.  I often reflect on the past – a little too often sometimes, to my chagrin – and, while there are some super painful moments that come into mind, moments that – in my own shallow human condition – if I could go back and change (either by forethought or a fan-fictional DeLorean) I absolutely, unequivocally would... I imagine that the Lord allowed them to happen for a reason beyond my comprehension, allowed me to keep the pain from them for a reason and allowed me to glean so much from that very pain.  

So yes, even in the pain, God is good.  

I think about timing a lot, timing in the past, the present and future, timing in general.  Timing.  God is outside of time, but He uses time, doesn't He?  He uses it so masterfully so, ordaining every moment of every thing, like gears in a clock that must line up so very perfectly for everything to run.  Everything from the crazy-fast rotation of the earth in alignment with all of the other plants, to the police-chase that came within 2 feet of smashing into the car with my children and me in it, God has everything in his timing, it's all in His hand.  Can you imagine if we could just grasp this concept alone?  How relieved would we be?  To realize the comfort in things being truly out of our hands.  

Have you ever planned a party, or any type of event really, and been rushing around to make it all perfect?  If you're cooking a meal, decorating for a party, or doing any other task that takes precision and skill with a healthy dose of time-crunching, then you know what a joy and relief it is (unless you're an absolute control freak) to have someone come up to you and offer their assistance.  “Hey let me take those potatoes off your hands!  I'll take it from here!” Yes!  Mashed potatoes taken care of! What simple relief is it to have a task totally taken from you by a capable person?  It frees you us, lets you focus on another task, lets you relax. The relief we could experience if we just realize God's perfect timing and provision far surpasses any relief we get from having a mashed potato assistant, friends!  This is the good stuff!