The BEST Dairy Free Creamer

The BEST Dairy Free Creamer

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Have you ever tried searching for a recipe or product by typing “best _______” in Google?  And have you ever been super disappointed to find out that said recipe was, in fact, not the best?  Yeah.  Same.  So, I have literally said outloud on multiple occasions “I hate when people tag their recipe or review with ‘The BEST'”.  No, seriously, I do!  “But why did you do the same with your review, Kelly?” you ask?  FIRST of all, it’s my blog, so I can *sticks out tongue and blows raspberries like Peppa Pig* – OK sorry, I hang out with my kids all day, that was uncalled for.  OK, the real reason is because I have searched far and wide, high and low, so many grocery stores, and probably spent hundreds of dollars (sorry honey if you’re reading this!) over the years to find dairy free creamer.  I just needed something to replicate my previous fave – the unbeatable contender – International Delight French Vanilla Creamer…


But, I finally have, and I want to shout it from the rooftops, I want to exclaim my love for it before it’s too late.  You see, I have loved and lost before.  There have been some products that I’ve loved so very much, and I told no one.  I never took the time to write the company about my affections, or tell a single soul, and those products were….. discontinued!  *audible gasp*  So, I don’t want this to be the One That Got Away.  I will proclaim my love loudly and boldly, without fear — Ok sorry I realize it’s just coffee creamer, but I love it, man.  Let’s continue.

Now listen, I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but probably not like you think.  When I hear coffee snob I picture someone grinding their own beans – which were very recently harvested from the top of a mountain I cannot pronounce – lovingly scooping them into their overpriced French Press, taking the temperature of their heated mountain spring filtered water until it’s just right, and then pouring it while gently singing Kumbaya and waiting just the right amount of time before pouring it and enjoying a hard earned cup of Joseph (it’s sophisticated coffee, so Joe won’t do any longer).  But, that’s too much work for me.

So my inner coffee snob has but a few demands:  I prefer light roast.  Folgers or Maxwell house have been my favorites so far – and I’ve tried a LOT.  Breakfast blend has my heart.  I can’t do “plain” coffee, it has to have flavor of some kind.  At home I’ve always favored French Vanilla because like I said – I’ve tried SO MANY creamers, both dairy and dairy-free – and I just kept coming back to ID’s French Vanilla.  If I’m out and about and there’s only plain coffee and half&half available, more times than not I’ll skip – unless I’m desperate.  

There was a sad point in my life where I was Vegan and there wasn’t a suitable creamer in sight – those were dark days.  I went back and forth between a few options, but nothing made my heart leap.  Again, a few years later after I came to my senses and began eating “normally” again, I decided to cut out dairy a bit – just not completely – as too much causes unpleasant side effects.  Creamer was something I dreaded replacing, but the search was on yet again.  I went as far as to try Goat’s Milk – while not dairy free it was more compatible with digestion than it’s dairy-filled counterparts and baby goats are cute so, why not?  (*no goats were harmed in the making of this blog, I never owned a goat let alone milked one – although I did pet one once)  Another fail, a big fail. 

There have been so many dairy-free options emerging on the market in the past few years alone!  I’ve tried several from each category and much was left to be desired.

  • Almond Milk – Chalky, very watery, no flavor for my coffee.  I do drink an almond-coconut blend from Almond Breeze for my smoothies, cereal and with my cookies but this will not do for coffee. Nope.
  • Coconut Milk – You’d think this would be creamy, as it makes excellent Ice Cream, but you need way too much of it to lighten your coffee, and it imparts quite the coconut flavor as well, not enjoyable.
  • Soy Milk – I’m not 100% on Soy, as I know it can mimic estrogen.  This is an option I haven’t tried, but I have tried Soy Milk and didn’t care for it, so I wasn’t open to attempting it for creamer.
  • Pea Milk – Firstly, it’s not green like you’d think.  They use Golden Peas I believe.  Again, as with coconut, this seems to be something you need way too much of to notice any palatable difference.
  • Hemp Milk – Expensive.  Haven’t tried this!
  • Rice Milk – Chalky, allows a strong coffee taste to come through.  Not many options available here.  My store didn’t have flavors available.
  • Quinoa Milk – Again, haven’t tried this.  My local stores haven’t carried it so far.
  • Oat Milk – It was my last hope, someone from our church suggested I try this, but unfortunately our local grocer didn’t carry it…

I thought I’d never find happiness, until…

Silk Oat Yeah The Vanilla One Creamer

Look at that froth – no, seriously – LOOK AT IT.  Zoom in, go on, I’ll wait – just not too 


close, you may see crumbs on my table from dinner several nights ago (don’t judge).


The froth is just a Bonus.  The taste alone is so creamy, I doubt anyone could tell it’s oat milk and not dairy.  In fact, I’d bet laundry on it, and I hate doing laundry, so what’s that tell ya?  Anyways, I just use my immersion blender and give it a few quick whirls, and I am whisked away into Latte heaven.  Nowadays I wake up to birds chirping and the smell of coffee beckoning me once again from downstairs where my automatic Mr.Coffee has done his daily duty and prepared my life-giving magic bean extraction.  In fact, I go to bed thinking about my morning coffee.  That kind of thing is rare, it’s something to hold onto tightly, to cherish and never let go – alright, alright I did it again, I apologize.  Seriously guys, this is so good

It’s about $3.99 at Shoprite and it’s worth every penny.  The shelf-life is decent so we always buy a few to last us, cause it goes quick!  We even use it in our Hot Tea.  They have The Vanilla One and The Plain One, but honestly, French Vanilla is my jam so I have no interest in plain – sorry!

I always check Silk’s Website because they occasionally have Coupons on there, or you can sign up for their Email list and they’ll send you the occasional coupon (sometimes they send advertisements about new products too, but that’s a small price to pay for money saving coupons on a product that has made such a profound effect on my morning ritual.

This is not a paid endorsement, nothing was sponsored or given to me at all, I just literally wanted to share this because I know how hard it is to find a truly good dairy free creamer with flavor and creaminess that will make your coffee not only palatable but actually enjoyable!  I actually prefer this TO my previous contender ID’s French Vanilla.  I never want to go back!

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