Write what’s on your heart | Blogging in today’s world

Write what’s on your heart | Blogging in today’s world

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I’ve had it on my heart to write for awhile now, and what I most enjoy writing about is whatever is on my heart, specifically in that moment.  I’ve attempted to write about whatever is blowing around in the wind on a given day, maybe a popular trend or an information piece, but I’ve found that I mostly come up dry and unsatisfied.  My work is never as fruitful, and the end product isn’t nearly as satiating.  Most articles and books you’ll read – if not all – tell us to write about what’s trending, what’s going to give us a good google rank so people can find us easier in search engines – but I’m being given a different message.  My message isn’t coming from those self-help manuals or well-meaning “blog-gurus”, it’s coming from the Creator of all, and He’s been continuously laying on my heart to write what is on my heart. 

It’s more valid than the most well-researched essay out there, it’s meatier than any 3,000 word article on the nothingness of life’s many nuances and it’s more grounded than anything I could pen on my own.  I have visions of dread when I think about all of the “work” it takes to run a “successful” blog these days, ‘marketing and keyword research should take up more of your time than actual writing” – something I’ve read/heard from multiple sources regarding modern-day Blogging.  Not only has this thought made me feel ill at the idea of blogging, it’s ruined me in a way.  To think, all of the ideas in my head that I feel led to write on are being stifled by the voices telling me what to write – HOW to write.  They’re being laid to the wayside while tasks such a social media sharing, graphic creating and keyword mining take the front seat.  What ever happened to writing for the love of writing, now it seems that blogging is more about promotion, marketing and graphic design.

I’ve always held the belief that – like in the movie Field of Dreams – “if you build it they will come” – or in this aspect, “if I write it they will come”.  But in today’s world, Google says that there are over 600,000 million blogs, with over 31 million active bloggers posting every month.  The odds of being “found” without a good strategy are not in my favor – or yours.  But I don’t think it’s always that simple.  We serve a God with whom nothing is impossible, so why then do we have such low expectations whenever we embark on something bigger than us?  Why do we go around quoting scripture and encouraging others (which is a very good thing to do, don’t get me wrong) yet when it comes to our life and our situations – we cannot see a way for this mountain to move?  This is something I struggle with, as I’m sure many people do, and it’s not always a bad thing – but it can be if not handled correctly.  This is a heart issue – more specifically a faith issue.  We need to ask ourselves some very important questions in times like these.

  • Do I feel led by God’s Spirit to do what I’m doing?  Is there a call?
  • Have I been encouraged by others on this path?  –  often I find that The Lord puts people in our lives to help us find the right path.  The body of Christ is designed to work together as one unit.  Think about the human body for instance – every part has a role and the body as a whole can not and does not function properly unless each individual part is fulfilling it’s duty.  So as iron sharpens iron, one person sharpen’s another (Proverbs 27:17).  What are people encouraging you do to?  What kind of feedback are you receiving once you’ve listened to the specific call in question?
  • Don’t always see opposition as a hard no.  Sometimes opposition is a trial or testing, to encourage us to persevere – not deter us.  Sometimes it’s just the result of living in a fallen world.  Sometimes it’s the enemy.  Opposition can be God’s voice telling us to go back, warning us that this is not the right path, yes – that’s why it’s so important to be in tune with the Spirit – hearing from God is essential in the life of a believer.  We need to know His voice so that when He speaks – we are certain it’s our Father and not outside influences.
  • Realize that ultimately it’s God’s timing and plan, not ours.  Proverbs 16:9 tells us: “A man plots his steps but the Lord directs his paths”.  We can be following our calling, doing what we’re supposed to be doing and still feeling like something is off.  This doesn’t have to sway our conviction that we’re on the right path.  This could mean that we are still in the warm-up phase.  This could mean that we are still practicing.  We may very well be exactly where we are supposed to be, even if it does not look how we think it’s supposed to look.  God’s ways are higher than our ways, we can’t understand them sometimes – we shouldn’t understand them sometimes.  That’s what faith is all about.
  • Press into God, continue listening to that still small voice and have faith that you’re on the right path.  Allow the Lord to lead you where He may.

Friend, if you’re in the midst of an internal struggle, wondering if what you’re doing even matters, I can relate.  It takes ridiculously massive faith to do anything worth doing.  If our calling was easy, everyone would be doing it.  We can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life in today’s busy, get-rich-quick, instant-gratification, gimme-gimme-gimme world and completely lose our vision if we are not careful.  We can twist what the Lord intended for good around and turn it into something cheap, ugly and ultimately unsatisfying if we are not careful.  If you are feeling the call to write – or to do anything – don’t give up so easily.  Don’t be swayed by challenges, setbacks and failures.  Don’t allow yourself to compromise or accept less than your best.  Give it your everything.  You can do this!  I believe in you! 

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